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University of Waterloo, Woolwich and Waterloo Courts - Waterloo

These projects were a conversion of apartment units into dorms for the University of Waterloo.

This project involved four – 2 storey buildings, 90,000sf ea and one – 10 storey tower, which renovated the apartments to 3 & 4 bedroom dorms with a common area.  The work had to begin in mid January and be completed by August 1st to allow the students to move in. 

These two apartment buildings, Waterloo and Woolwich Courts were awarded as one contract. Therefore, we had to complete the two projects in the same period.  We were able to accomplish this work in the allotted period by treating the contract as two separate projects and awarded the trade work to separate firms so one firm would not be overloaded with labour. When working on the projects we worked a 6-day week to help ensure project completion on time.

Work Involved:

  • demolition of all apartment units and common areas
  • new partitioning to create rooms
  • new ceilings thru out
  • complete repainting of complex
  • new flooring throughout
  • all common and demising unit walls
  • areas of building re-roofed
  • new windows added in some apartments
  • total re-piping of all plumbing lines, and replacement of all  sanitary piping and stacks
  • new heating units supplied
  • new electrical fixed on all units
  • all units rewired and new IT labeling provided
  • new fire alarm system

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