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St. Marys General Hospital, Emergency Department Expansion Electrical Power Upgrade - Kitchener

This complicated project included

  • 17,000sf of interior space, demolished and reconstructed
  • 3300sf of added building for new emergency entrance & a separate ambulance entrance
  • a new 5 storey elevator
  • 800sf of mechanical penthouse¬†
  • 10,000sf of underground mechanical/electrical room bunker

All constructed while maintaining a fully functional emergency department.

This project spanned almost 3 years involving multi-phases keeping approximately 1/3 under construction and 2/3 a fully operational emergency department.

With clinical activity occurring at all times adjacent to or above the construction areas, it was essential to develop crystal clear communication to ensure coordination shutting down and re-engaging several types of electrical power, maintaining at all times medical gases, public egress and all other critical services.

Infection control was of the highest priority in all cases.  Daily coordination occurred between all site superintendents and foremen and hospital personnel to ensure all aspects of the project went without incident.

Safety on this project was paramount and required the highest level of safety requirements to ensure safety of the contractor personnel, general public and employees and patients of the hospital.  Extreme caution had to be taken at all times to control any disturbance of potential lethal molds, asbestos, lead, PCBs and other contaminates found in the hospital.  The comprised immune systems of many patients required that all construction work occur in negative pressure.  Nith Valley regularly employs an independent safety company who monitors this and all other sites for safety and provides training for all safety requirements mandated by the Ministry of Labour.

This project was nominated for and won the Grand Valley Construction Association "Building Excellence Award for Institutional Projects over $10million".


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