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Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan - Cambridge

This new 65,000sf two storey building with walkout basement is taking the lead in green office building.  The new headquarters for Farm Mutual Re-Insurance Plan Inc. and Ontario Mutual Insurance Association aim to attain a LEED Gold certification when the building is complete late October 2009.

Some of the LEED specific design elements included in the construction are:

  • specially designed mechanical and electrical systems designed to be very energy efficient,
  • Including ground source heat system.¬†
  • Computer controlled lighting system that adjusts light levels based on the amount of light coming in.¬†
  • Rain water collection system using the grey water in several ways, including the flushing of toilets.¬†
  • Glass has been specially chosen to maintain the best control of heat gain and heat loss,
  • Natural vegetation is used in several of the green roof areas.
  • The choice of building materials were carefully chosen to ensure minimal off-gassing to ensure a high indoor air quality, as well as containing recycled content and locally sourced where possible.
  • On the exterior, this building was built adjacent to a designated wet land that will be rehabilitated with natural native plantings.

These points are only a few of the LEED requirements used to achieve the standards set by the Canadian Green Building Council.  

 The main construction of the building is;

  • Poured concrete foundations.¬†
  • Structural steel framework,
  • concrete on steel pan deck floors,
  • structural stud exterior walls with spray foam insulation,
  • Natural stone and brick veneer and aluminum curtain wall systems.¬†
  • The roof is a mechanically fastened TPO roof system with a white reflective cap sheet in areas not receiving green roofs.¬†
  • The interior finishes included drywall and acoustic ceilings, glass partitions, specially chosen carpets, linoleums, porcelain tile and natural woods.

Further to the design elements incorporated into this building to meet the LEED standards, very strict construction methods are being used in the building of this project, including insuring that the environment was not altered in any way on or off this project, by eliminating dust, tracking of mud on roads etc.  All waste is source separated and sent to appropriate recycling facilities in the attempt to divert 75% of the refuse away from the landfill sites.

Upon completion in October 2009, this office building became a show case in the community with its cutting edge environmentally friendly and energy efficiency design.


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