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House of Friendship - Cambridge

Tue, Jul 23rd, 2019 8:00 am

Sometimes transformation is sudden, but often it is a process. A daily endeavour.

It certainly is as we watch our new addiction treatment facility at 562 Concession Road in Cambridge being transformed day by day. What use to be a single-storey building is now a two-storey treatment facility whose interior is being rebuilt to serve men and women in need of residential addiction treatment (men), day treatment (adults) or counselling (adults, families)This physical transformation is actually not the goal – it’s a tool to achieve the real goal – provide hope and healing for individuals and their families who are living with the effect’s addiction.

This project is taking the pre-existing House of Friendship addiction treatment and adding an additional storey/ floor. This will allow for more of a transformation in the community as more people who need residential addiction treatment can access it.

Both pre-existing levels of the building are being entirely renovated and fitted to support the requirements of the treatment centre, these renovations total 13,051 sf. The addition of the second floor is 6,416 sf and adds 7 suites roughly 380 square feet each, 2 group rooms each over 500 square feet, 5 offices at 123 sf each.

We were nearing completion of the drywall, electrical, and mechanical installation phase when a large fire damaged the rear of the building. This caused extensive damage to the rear framing, masonry, mechanical, and electrical work while causing extreme smoke damage to the entirety of the building. This caused us to restart the project near the end of July. 

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