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165 King St. W.

Mon, Jan 14th, 2019 8:40 pm

We are currently working on an interior fit out of the old Budds Department Store at 165 King St. W, this will become home to multiple businesses. This once iconic department store is undergoing a big transformation and once again will be beautiful and a welcome to new businesses for the downtown core.

This job includes the renovation of the existing 25,059 sf building into a modern office space and consists of the following 4 different levels: 

1. Basement:

The basement will be fit out to contain a large 2,356 sf suite that will be rentable for office space, storage room for employees to store their bikes, an exercise room roughly 1373 sf, and a cafeteria/ lounge 2101 sf for all occupants of the 4 level building.

2. Main Floor:

Similar to the basement floor, the main floor will be renovated to house rentable space that can be used for office space in the future. There are three main rentable areas the first, 1509 sf, second 1525 sf, and the third 3891 sf. 

3. 2nd Floor:

The second floor has been fit out with 4 work areas, 6 meeting rooms, 2 collaboration areas, and a feature cafe/ kitchenette. Each work zone is approximately 768 sf, every meeting room is 131 sf, one collaboration area is 111 sf while the other splits a work zone at 309 sf. This floor was fit out to fit roughly 90 employees on a regular day. This floor was fit out for Faire Inc. and acts as half of their new operating office. 

4. 3rd Floor:

The third floor has been finished with 9 meeting rooms roughly 80 sf, 1 large boardroom at 318 sf, 3 spacious work zones roughly 900 sf each, 3 open collaboration areas approximately 300 sf each, one of which that runs off of a 212 sf bistro area. This floor as well, was fit out for Faire Inc. 

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