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COR is a great opportunity for Ontario contractors, Aecon exectuive says

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 3:26pm

By Kelly Lapointe - Daily Commercial News

COR = Certificate of Recognition - an occupational Health and Safety Audit Program

All provinces have this program in some capacity except Quebec. In Ontario it is a voluntary program. COR provides employers with a health and safety management system to help eliminate incidents, injuries and illnesses. In many province's COR certification is required for prequalification for jobs.

The program establishes safety standards and you develop practices to meet the standards which you are then audited by. This process helps to establish best practice and safety systems that you may not have.

Once a company has joined COR their incident reports will be very high until people get used to the new rules and guidelines for safety. Having a poor audit isn't necessarily a bad thing because it shows areas to improve in for the future.

Over all this is a program that can widely benefit a lot of companties in reducing their number of incidents.


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