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Construction Update on Conrad Grebel

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Progression of construction thus far on the new addition to Conrad Grebel College.

Winter construction has its challenges, but the team at Nth Valley Construction have done an admirable job of moving the project forward. Progress is being made on the first floor for the new music facilities. The second floor has been tarped in and heated and in early February the 3rd floor was poured. In February the block laying of the archive vault was started.

Renovating and making connections to an existing building is challenging. Over Christmas the main office and reception area were closed in order to make the first steps in renovating this space. Modified steel work was required to create a central stairway adjacent to the elevator in the atrium.

Director of Operations Paul Penner says that "we anticipate a staged opening with the first and second floors being completed in the fall and a full opening in February 2014."

At this point we are within our overall budget of $8.7 million. We had savings on some initial tenders but have extra expenses due to additional engineering and steel work, related to connections to the existing building. 


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